The Secret to a Quick and Tasty Meal

With some advance planning, smart shopping, and kitchen organization, healthy and delicious meals can become the norm rather than the exception in your home. Here are the basic ingredients that should be in every kitchen. Remember to rotate items on a regular basis, and adjust the list to suit your needs and preferences.

Basil (dried) • Bay leaves (dried)
Black pepper  • Garlic (granulated)
Cinnamon (ground and sticks)
Mustard (dried) • Oregano (dried)
Parsley (dried) • Rosemary (dried)
Sage (dried) • Salt (table and kosher)
Thyme (dried) • Whole nutmeg

Barbecue sauce • Jams or jellies
Ketchup • Mayonnaise
Mustards (assorted) • Peanut butter
Salad dressing • Soy sauce
Steak sauce • Worcestershire sauce
Tabasco or other hot sauce

Butter • Cheeses (assorted)
Eggs • Milk

Carrots • Celery • Garlic • Onions
Potatoes • Salad greens

Chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)
Ground meat
(turkey, chicken, or beef)
Pork (loin or chops)

Baking powder • Baking soda
Balsamic vinegar • Bread crumbs
Beans (canned and dried)
Bread (sliced, rolls, pita, etc.)
Cooking wine or sherry • Cornstarch
Flour (all-purpose) • Honey
Olive oil • Pasta
Red wine vinegar
Rice (assorted varieties)
Stocks/broths • Tomatoes (canned)
Sugar (granulated and brown)
Tuna, chicken, crab, and clams (canned)
Vanilla extract • Vegetable oil

All good cooks need their tools.
Here are a few that our chefs
think have a place in every well-
stocked kitchen:
Baking pan (9”x 13”)
Box cheese grater • Can opener
Colander • Cookie sheet
Cutting boards
Knives (chef’s, paring, serrated)
Measuring cups and spoons
Mixing bowls • Salad spinner
Saucepans (2- and 4-quart)
Skillets (5–7” and 9–12”)
Spatulas (metal and rubber)
Storage containers • Thermometer
Tongs • Vegetable peeler
Wire whisk • Wooden spoons

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