Cooking Terms

Cooking Terms

Beat—To stir rapidly in a circular motion

Boil—To heat a liquid over a high heat until bubbles form and rise rapidly to the surface

Broil—To cook directly under a heat source so that the side of the food facing the heat cooks rapidly

Chop—To cut into small pieces

Grate—To shred food into tiny pieces by rubbing it against a grater

Knead—To work dough by pressing it with the palms, pushing it out­ward and then pressing it over on itself

Pinch—A very small amount, usually what you can pick up between your thumb and forefinger

Preheat—To allow an oven to warm up to a certain temperature before putting food in it

17 sauté—To fry quickly over high heat in oil or fat, stirring or turning the food to prevent burning

Simmer—To cook over low heat in liquid kept just below the boiling point. Bubbles will occasionally rise to the surface.

Stir-fry—To cook small pieces of vegetables, tofu, or other foods in a small amount of vegetable oil over high heat, stirring constantly.

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