McDonald's Lobster Sandwich

Lobster Sandwich

Yes, this actually exists. On an excursion through some New
England states I practically drove off the road when I first
saw a sign advertising lobster at this fast food chain. I just
had to get a closer look. That's when I discovered that this
unique sandwich is served only at select McDonald's locations,
mostly in Maine, for a limited time only during the summer months.
It's basically a lobster salad served on a hoagie roll with some
lettuce, but with fresh Maine lobster, is quite tasty.
Since you can't get this anywhere else, I figured this sandwich
was a prime candidate for kitchen cloning.

Here's a recipe to make a version of your own that has never before been published.

1\2 cup cooked Maine Lobster (fresh is best)
1\2 tablespoon mayonnaise
pinch salt
1 lettuce leaf
small hoagie roll

1. Mix together lobster, mayonnaise and salt.
2. Slice hoagie roll length wise, and spread the lettuce leaf on
the bottom half.
3. Spread lobster over lettuce. Top off sandwich with top half of
the roll.
Makes 1 sandwich.

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